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Data Center Suite: Visi-Trac™, DataGuard™ and DataDiscover™

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Visi-Trac™, the leading real-time IT asset tracking solution for the Data Center, is an inventory and control application designed to auto-discover the location of all your physical assets, providing location awareness of data center and mobile IT assets globally. Using passive or active RFID and sensor technologies, data center and mobile IT assets such as servers, tape media, laptops, monitors, printers, and other peripherals can be automatically tracked from entry to exit, or while installed in cabinets, racks or stored on shelves.


The Visi-Trac real-time asset tracking solution combines location awareness, unique identification, and verification of authority and access control to locate, track and secure data center and mobile IT assets.

Real-time locating technology pinpoints the location of physical assets, allowing fast detection of individual servers or laptops in server rooms and facilities, saving time spent on IT asset administration and reducing costs. Visi-Trac enables our clients to know ‘which assets are where’ and if personnel are authorized to transport those assets. Security clearance, validation and verification have been automated, providing instant confirmation of a person’s identity and access authority.

Dataguard RF solution


DataGuardrf™ with Imation


In partnership with Imation, the leading provider of data storage devices and security products for storage, RFID Global Solution offers the DataGuard rf™ Tape/Media Tracking Solution. With DataGuard, passive RFID tags are integrated with specially printed VolSer labels enabling handheld scanners to quickly read each cartridge. Handheld software generates and uploads scan lists wirelessly to Tape Management Systems.


Our Visi-Trac™ and DataGuardrf™ solutions scale for easy expansion, supporting remote site data capture using minimal equipment. The easy-to-use, web-based interface provides users very convenient access to their asset information. With increasing growth in digital information and data mobility, RFID provides an ideal solution for automated inventory and control, regulatory compliance, and protection against data breaches and misplaced data storage.


Visi-Trac™ and DataGuardrf™ benefits include real-time inventory location accuracy, 80% or more reduction in time needed for inventory cycles and audits, fast reconciliation of out-of-place assets, improved availability of assets, and the reduction of on-hand inventory by 10% or more. Use the hands-free capabilities of fixed RFID readers to monitor assets in real time, or utilize Visi Trac Mobile™ on handheld readers or DataGuardrf™ to provide a convenient way to perform audits, inventories or search for assets.




DataDiscover™ with nlyte Software


In partnership with nlyte Software, the leading provider of data center performance management solutions, RFID Global Solution offers the DataDiscover™ real-time asset tracking solution. Using RFID Global’s Visi-Trac™ location tracking application, IT assets tagged with passive or active RFID tags or sensors are automatically discovered and information on the location and properties of these assets is instantly integrated into nlyte’s DCPM dashboards.

Track your IT assets as they arrive from your suppliers. Know when critically needed items arrive at your loading dock or when an unauthorized move of a key asset occurs. Get real-time alerts on your mobile device. Interface to your existing asset management systems, such as IBM Maximo and Tivoli Asset Management for IT, Oracle Asset Tracking and BMC Remedy, link to your data workflow planning tools such as nlyte, or use Visi-Trac™ as your primary asset manager.


Visi-Trac™, DataGuardrf™ and DataDiscover™ are a suite of products based on the award winning Visi-Trac™ software, designed by industry experts experienced in building automatic identification systems that meet the needs of some of the leading businesses in the world, including Bank of America, Boeing, the Department of Defense, Northrop Grumman and the world’s largest network and telecommunications providers, among others.


Visi-Trac™ for enterprise and healthcare assets

Visi-Trac in Healthcare


Our Visi-Trac™ solution for enterprise and healthcare asset tracking was developed on real-world projects with our clients tracking fixed and mobile assets, such as medical supplies, cardiac stents, laptops, tools, files, works of art and voting equipment. Visi-Trac is also used to monitor sealants and adhesives in aerospace manufacturing. Whatever assets and property you manage, RFID Global Solution can find it and track it, whether ‘within four walls’, within zones or in-transit.

The Visi-Trac Asset Tracking solution is ideally suited for:


Corporate Assets


Visi-Trac provides location awareness and property attributes for accountable property such as office furniture, IT assets, peripheral devices, and other mobile assets within an enterprise.


Files and Documents


Visi-Trac acts as a real-time, vault records management system to help find stored files fast, keeping track of received, stored and shipped files, using the convenience of a portable, RFID-enabled SmartCart™. File retrieval and periodic inventory of files in storage facilities can be time-consuming and tedious. Visi-Trac enables every box and file to be located immediately within a storage facility and provides proof of delivery and verification of return to filing location.


Healthcare Assets


Visi-Trac for Healthcare was designed to track patient flow, staff, medical supplies, instruments, and medical equipment throughout a hospital or defense medical facility. Visi-Trac has been deployed for goods receiving, for cardiac product tracking, and for dispensing defense medical supplies, among other healthcare applications.


High Value and Fine Art Assets


Visi-Trac assists in the conservation, security, transportation and storage of valuable art, antiques, collectibles and other high-value assets. Visi-Trac has been customized to meet the needs of Auction Houses, Art Moving and Storage companies, Museums and Collectors. Click here to learn more about our ArtTrac offering.


Retail Item Level Inventory


Visi-Trac has been deployed to track retail goods receipt at distribution centers, and can be deployed to track retail merchandise or apparel at the individual item level. Visi-Trac is designed to work in conjunction with our Visi-Trac Mobile and Visi-Trac Cloud Services offerings to provide a seamless environment for managing store floor and distribution center inventory.


Tools and Equipment


Visi-Trac tracks tools, equipment and assets used in production facilities and safeguards against loss. Visi-Trac enables tools to be quickly located when needed, tracks who tools are issued to and when tools are returned, helping ensure the right tools are available at the right time. Handheld and truck-mounted readers can perform inventory searches for specific items or misplaced tools. Visi-Trac enables our clients to track mission-critical tools, reduce man-hours spent on tools inventory, and ensure that no tools or equipment are left behind.


Visi-Trac enables visibility of assets within storage yards or on construction sites, enabling quick location of outdoor inventory. Whether its granite slabs, heavy equipment mats, engine parts or automobiles, Visi-Trac helps you find your assets when you need them. By RFID-enabling your assets, vehicles and staff, you can find the right item to fulfill an order, monitor movements and control automated access to and from storage lots. Visi-Trac helps optimize asset utilization, depreciation and customer billing cycles.


Voting Equipment


Visi-Trac was designed to securely track ballots and voting equipment transportation bags as they move from voting locations to central precincts. Click here to learn more about our SecureVote solution.

Visi-Trac Mobile™



Extend the value of Visi-Trac to handheld readers, smartphones and enterprise tablets with Visi-Trac Mobile™. Visi-Trac Mobile allows for real time synchronization of data with Visi-Trac’s Enterprise version to provide location awareness. It empowers employees with the data they need to make real time decisions allowing them to inventory assets, reassign assets, commission new assets, or remove assets.

Visi-Trac Mobile operates in a real-time, over the air mode or a store and forward mode. The mobile client allows for image lookup and identification. Why deploy inflexible fixed infrastructures when you can use mobile to lower your costs and improve your RFID ROI?


Visi-Trac Mobile™ Key Features:


• Extension of Visi-Trac to the edge empowering the employee
• Mobile passive RFID data capture
• Microsoft Windows Mobile .net architecture
• Real-time synchronization with Visi-Trac (OTA or Store & forward)
• Inventory Scan Mode
• Inventory exception management
• Search and lookup Mode
• Add/edit Asset Mode
• User Authentication
• Password Management
• Product Images


Key benefits:


• Mobile RFID keeps RFID HW investment to a minimum
• Affordably extends RFID further into the enterprise process
• Update Asset status in real time

Visi-Trac Mobile™ is part of the Visi-Trac software suite of asset tracking applications.