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How To Submit Resume


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If you would like to apply for any of these positions, please send us your properly formatted resume using the "Resume_Template" located above. You must submit a separate resume for each Job ID you would like to apply for. You can apply as many jobs as you wish provided you meet the requirement for that position. Please attach also your non-formatted resume.

Here are the steps for using the resume form. You have to comply to these steps in order for your resume to be considered. 
1.) Open up the resume form and the job posting. Look for the section of the job announcement called "Required/Desired Skills." On the resume form this section is labeled “Skills.”


2.) Simply cut and paste the entire “Required/Desired Skills” section from the job posting to the “Resume Submission Form” you downloaded.


3.) Change the Amount of Experience (number of years) and Expertise Rating to reflect your particular qualifications (example: 1 - Basic, 2 - Proficient, 3 - Expert). Please be advised your Employment History must bear out your skill claims.

4.) You'll find space on the resume form to insert your education and certifications, and then your employment history.


5.) Finally, please provide a brief "summary of your skills." You may type it in at the top of the resume form or just include it in an e-mail message to us. This skills summary could include your certifications and highlights of your technical skills.


6.) Don’t forget to insert your name, job title and job ID number in the appropriate places at the top of the resume.


7.) E-mail your completed "Resume_Template"  and your regular resume using the link "Submit Resume Now" or email to Please call us toll free at 866-453-0924 or 202-726-7200 if you have questions or need help formatting your resume. 


8.) Please download and submit to DC Government your authorization for SupreTech to submit your resume to DC Government. You can only give one company the sole authorization. If a candidate's resume is submitted by two companies, that candidate will be disqualified. DC Government will not review the resume unless the candidate has emailed to them the authorization. Further information is on the document.





How to Submit Resume