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SafeZoneGPS Tracking and Monitoring provides location based tracking and monitoring applications for the Law Enforcement Offender market and the Consumer person and asset tracking market


PrintSearch and MugSearch combine to offer an integrated unique 10 print scan and match QUICK ID fingerprint identification system and Mugshot management system. Using from one to ten fingerprints for enrollment and matching we provide quick, positive identification of individuals in local, state, regional or national databases and Mugshot and image management.


PrintSearch Mobile is a mobile wireless rapid identification system with fingerprint matching and facial image capture. PrintSearch Mobile offers applications for Pre-Booking, Mobile Citation, Meds Issuance, and rapid mobile biometric identification.




Rapid Identification & Mobile Booking



This product is in FBI Certified List.

FBI Certified product List



For offenses which require transportation to a detention facility, PrintSearch Mobile gives the ability to create and complete the booking information in the field using wireless connect ion to the central booking application.




The mobile system updates all permanent records automatically in-the-field and provides positive identification and pre-book


Universal booking sheets can be filled out accurately the first time due to positive identification in the field.


Wireless communication enables connectivity for rapid identification into local, regional and state databases.

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PrintSearch Mobile provides in-the field positive identification book, release, and notice to appear documents.

For book and release offenses, PrintSearch Mobile saves the time it takes to bring a subject into the station or jail.


PrintSearch Mobile uses forensic quality 500 dpi finger print scanners. The scanners capture high quality fingerprint images regardless of skin pigment or the presence of stains from ink, dyes, grease or dirt.